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The Center of General Education

General Education involves a concern for students' intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. As a consequence, the Center provides the core course requirements for all associate degrees. It offers the courses and programs that provide students with the knowledge and skills generally expected of a liberal arts education.

This includes studies in the humanities, arts, social sciences and other professional fields. It prepares students not only to broaden their horizons, but also to help students to achieve a liberal arts education. The Center's main administrative task is to design the curriculum associated with general studies. The Center is also involved in employment, promotion and further studies of full-time and part-time faculty members. The Center also organizes, from time to time, presentations both oral and multimedia relevant to general studies topics. In addition, the Center supports the community by holding a wide range of workshops.

The Center provides up-to-date computer assisted and multimedia equipment. It has excellent facilities, including two well-equipped elevated platform computing lecture rooms and four common multimedia classrooms. Besides, there also is a wide range of equipment, such as DVD, VHS, CD player, etc., available to be used for supporting teaching in order to enhance students' interest. Only if you follow the procedures made by the Center, you will get all the services you need.

As reflected in the Center's homepage, the Center is constantly being updated to incorporate the latest in computing technology. Furthermore, the Center's homepage efficiently provides accurate information, such as faculty profiles, curriculum, syllabus, and activities, etc. If you need any further information, the Center can be contacted from the World Wide Web at www.tajen.edu.tw

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