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Institute of Leisure, Recreaction & Health Business Management

The graduate institute of Leisure and Health Management will be established in 2004 to recruit 15 students (including 6 best-selected


Educational Goals
A new trend of the modern social changes emerged from the economic development, considering the circumstances; we strive for innovation and try to create best academic environment while cultivating quality students
of the leisure and health management and research.

Our vision and mission are to foster potential students by educating the following categories of talents:
 1. Leisure business management
2. Health business management
Apart from designed common core subjects, the students are encouraged to take any relevant subjects of their interests. The curriculum design and research themes of the Leisure and Health Management has gained importance and led the mainstream in both theory and practice. In order to prepare our students for an ever-changing market, we provide courses regarding management of business and R&D on leisure, health and medical business through the practical application and research with the entrepreneurs in related fields.

We have a faculty of expertise and prestige (assistant professors or above), in charge of many practical projects, such as the following:

  • Leisure business management
  • Commercial business management
  • Catering & hotel business management
  • Leisure sports management
  • Medical administration
  • Nursing administration


Curriculum Design
Common core subjects include Human Resource Management for Leisure and Health Business, Practical Application to Entrepreneurs, Service Quality Management, Marketing Management, Research Methodstc. Other professional subjects are also planned based on the themes of Leisure Business and Health Business.

Future Development
Influenced by the aging society, health related business has gradually gained importance. Enterprises such as Formosa Plastic and insurance companies take such measures as the market niche and which also applies in the leisure related business such as leisure resort hotels, fitness clubs, and hot spring SPA facilities. Therefore, to foster talents of professionalism for both leisure and health management will be the core competence in the future career development.

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