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Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for carrying out the educational administrative affairs of the university. It is comprised of the Registration Section, Curriculum Section, Language Center , Admissions Section.

Tajen University possessing four colleges and schools, namely the College of Pharmacy & Health Care , College of Smart Living & Management, College of Humanities & Social Science, College of Leisure & Hospitality.


1.Registration  Sectio

 (1)School  management
 (2)Performance  management
 (3)Graduate  management
 (4)Grading and students’ related documents application. 
 (5)Campus IC Card Application


2.Curriculum Section

 (1)Convoke school-curriculum-planning conference
 (2)Review and reporting new curriculum and change of curriculum
 (3)Manage the middle and final exams of school 
 (4)Manage summer courses 
Office of Academic Affairs 02
 (5)Count teaching hours of full-time and part-time teachers
 (6)Manage transfer, substitute, and, substitute courses of teachers
 (7)Count hourly fee of transfer, substitute, and, substitute courses of teachers
 (8)Other relevant curriculum business and temporary matters


3.Language Center

(1)Plan and promote general English courses
(2)Manage general English courses in the online course registration system
(3)Plan and Promote student’s English Proficiency Test and Graduation Threshold
(4)Verify student’s English Proficiency Test and Graduation Threshold
(5)Manage Online English learning and assessment platform
(6)Implement and promote various English Proficiency Test extracurricular programs.
(7)Implement and promote various English. Proficiency Tests workshops and seminars.
(8)Plan and Promote remedial teaching programs on student’s English proficiency
(9)Implement various English Village Activities.


4.Admission Service Center

(1)To revise, report and implement related admission regulations.
(2)To draw up, carry out and control annual plans of Admission 
Service Center. 
(3)To handle admission publicity.
(4)To be in charge of admission-related matters of different ways of entry into our school.
(5)To undertake the project of Strategic Collaboration between Universities and Colleges of Technology 
and Senior Vocational Schools.
(6)To secure contact and coordination between our school and the collaborated schools, units and institutions.


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