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Center for General Education

The Dean of Tajen university manpower the school common subjects during 1966 to 1999. The name of school had restructured as Institute of Technology since 1999 and had set up General Education Center which belongs to an administrative unit. Nowadays, the General Education Center positioned as Dean-Level, academic unit and restructured again as Technology University in 2005.


With our “school motto Study Diligently; Embody Virtues” in mind to "enhance the quality of human life" as a core value of "health promotion, environmental conservation and care services " three spindle for school education development goals to foster with students who own advanced technology, professional knowledge and skills, and innovative talents of "health"”management””casual” and “social welfare”. The educational philosophy of Tajen University offered to "people" as the core concept of the idea of ​​general education, taking into account the principle of balanced development of the four major colleges, planning objectives and curriculum of general education, with a view of professional personnel training in addition to teaching practical knowledge and skills outside and focus on the development of multi-potential, and thus inspire people to be concern and responsible for the society and the environment so as to achieve the goal of holistic education. General Education had three objectives:


1. With our school motto of “Study Diligently; Embody Virtues” as the starting point to cultivate the ability of having service aspiration and services, and to care for the community of Staff as the goal. 

2. To meet the needs of professional groups, nurture students to continue their studies, research development capability and lifelong learning.

3. To foster students with good resilience, communication skills, leadership skills and the ability of rational debate, professional ethics, grand view of the world, and both the humanities and technology literacy.


The general education of our school aims to integrate professional education courses and general education courses, to create diversified general education courses, to provide broad and balanced learning content, to guide students not only in nurturing professional knowledge and ability but also in enhancing the breadth of knowledge to implement the concept of holistic education. Accordingly as above ideas, set goals and core competencies of general education. Educational goals of Center for General Education are to achieve eight core competencies as bellows: Care; Communication and Cooperation; International Understanding; Autonomous Learning; Professional Functions; Practice Innovation; Information Integration; and Problem Solved. Therefore, in response to the times required, courses adjusted in five major areas such as field of humanities arts, field of social sciences, field of natural sciences, field of leisure health, and field of Smart Life.




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