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Brief History
Mr. Taoyi Huang and Mrs. Yuan Tsai Lee founded Tajen Pharmacy Institute which was a five-year junior college in 1966. The current Chairman of the Board is Richard Huang and the President is Dr. Jhing-Fa Wang
Since its foundation, Tajen has seen itself grow and prosper. In August, 1999, Tajen was upgraded from a five- year junior college to a four-year college, and subsequently with the permission of the Ministry of Education, in August of 2005, it was again promoted to Tajen University of Technology, offering four-year college programs, two-year bachelor degree college programs particularly for the junior college graduates, another two-year junior college programs for general high school graduates, and the original 5-year junior college programs. Since its foundation, Tajen has been implementing its motto, pursuing the goal of becoming an excellent university of higher education, and acting as a high- standard life-long learning academic institution.
Under the belief of long-term prospect, efficiency, prowess, and caring, Tajen has strong humane and proficient managerial teams that are willing to take on challenges. Thus, Tajen has created a warm, harmonious campus culture, and meanwhile, provides a variety of programs to meet students needs and to help students pursue excellence.